Friday, May 22, 2009


Only you and I are in this night together.
This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for so long,
And I guess that this is the perfect moment.
For I always see you in darkness—confused.
And that made me so hot to seduce you.

So let me kiss away your doubts and exchange each other’s tongue with words…
As we take off each other’s insanity that we’re wearing—bare naked.
Let me be the one to work it on you.
Tonight, I’ll arouse you and make sure
that you’ll be satisfied afterwards—no regrets.

First, I’ll make you wet and stinky all over with the words of truth—
the truth that you may not know yet for all of your life.
Slowly and gently, I’ll start it from the top,
down to the private part of yours—
your perspective on the real world, our world.

Now, I’ll do you my best blow job ever—
This time I’ll be wilder to swallow that huge confusion of yours
and suck it inside and out repeatedly.
I'll llick your ideas and scrutinize them at every point.
Then, I’ll blow away the false ones with nationalistic, mass-oriented and scientific inquiry.

Slowly…gently…then wildly… I’ve reached your highest orgasm, at last.
I’ve already tasted the warm and sticky agitation,
that suddenly ejaculated from the private part of yours.
From the darkness,
You’ll be leaving towards the light with your mind awakened.

Now, our wild moment is over but the struggle continues—our struggle.
Again, I’ll never be tired
Of arousing many like you
For the truth masturbates minds…
From our struggle until its success!

* to the fuckers out there, let our left fist be raised!


  1. galing. :) galing maghalo ng mga salita

  2. ika nga, bahagyang pagsasalsal lang ng salita x_n