Tuesday, December 21, 2010



> A friend of mine who is a photographer was planning a project where he would shoot some photos and then he asked me to be the one to create a story out of them. I asked him about the category and he sent me the link above. I browsed some of the pictures then the "Three Women" somehow caught my attention. I'm becoming more interested with the struggles of women in this feudal-patriarchal society that's why I suggested him to shoot some pictures of women that would reflect about their struggles.

I'm currently organizing women in our community. I was once a member of GABRIELA when I was in college. I was supposed to quit publication to fully serve in the organization but a big need came in the publication that hindered my deployment. I felt quite demoralized because I thought I could fully organize the masses not only through ink and paper. Perhaps that is the reason why I had the severe thirst to organize women in our community when I was no longer in my alma matter. I had the opportunity to know them and to integrate with them. Some of them are youth who happened to get pregnant at an early age, some stopped schooling because they had to work for their families while some stopped because they can't afford school. I also happened to encounter two ladies who are facing abyss contradiction on their identity and students in a public school who are just enjoying their fruitful youth wearing make-ups and a lot of laughters while are innocent to whatever circumstances they are really facing right now or might face more in the near future.I know in myself that I would still meet a lot of them with different stories to bare much more of my knowing that there's a lot of women like them who need to be organized and empowered as women who struggle for genuine freedom and equal rights among any others in the society.

Just like these three women, I know there are still many like them whom I would meet in my journey. The women who feel so powerless, forlorn, and conservative--the kind of traits that have been molded in the society's culture eversince and need to be eradicated.

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