Monday, October 4, 2010

There’s some blood spilled all over the white blanket

There’s some blood
all over the white blanket
as she’s immersing on it
with nothing on her
but her fair skin.

Gone is the light’s luminosity
but that doesn’t hinder her senses
for she can hear every heartbeats
running hastily
on her right and left chest;
one is hers
but the other one isn’t.

Surrounds her is the aroma flavored with emancipation;
clinches her, taunts her…
She heard the alluring whisper in her ear
as she wholly submitted herself
like an offering as if without culmination.
After few introductions,
she suddenly felt the sinking mortal within her.

When the scene is done,
she’s searching for the real paradise
with the one she has greatly brought it.
She only found herself immersing
on some blood
all over the white blanket.

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